Recoil starter for Honda GXH50 GXV50 WX15 GX50 28400-ZM7-003
Part No. Part Description
28400-ZM7-003 recoil starter assy.
28404-968-004 Friction spring
28414-ZM7-003 Recoil starter case
28421-ZM7-003 Recoil starter reel
28433-ZM3-003 Rope Guide
28442-ZL8-003 Recoil starter spring
28451-ZM7-003 Recoil starter pulley
28459-ZM7-003 Swing arm
28461-ZM3-003 recoil starter knob
28462-ZM7-003 recoil starter rope
90012-ZM3-003 setting screw
91504-ZM7-003 collar
94050-05000 flange nut (5mm)


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